So, its been a while

October 5, 2015

Last week my Timehop was a post from this blog. I thought to myself, why did I stop posting to this blog? Well, I just opened it up and saw my last post was almost exactly two years ago. Then it hit me, I know exactly why this fell off of my list of priorities. For the last two years I had been going through a separation/divorce. The world as I knew it fell apart…. again. The first time was when I received Owen’s diagnosis. The second time was finding out my marriage was failing.

12079061_10205294225174535_5225960126804241657_nA lot has changed over the last two years. Owen, Laney and I moved into an apartment. That was a pretty big adjustment. I had to learn to get by on my own. Learn to cook for just the three of us. Adjust to living in a much smaller place. It was a roller coaster. I had days where I thought, I got this!!! And days that I thought, I don’t know if I can do this. In the end, one thing is true… There is no choice. I have to be strong for myself and for the kids.

Sparing everyone the gory details, we have survived the divorce. We are getting used to the new “normal”. Learning to “co-parent”. The kids are getting used to the time split between my place and their dad’s. I’m getting used to actually having some time to myself.11229548_10205032687956268_814519538531057731_n

Owen is doing great in school. He is in Second Grade now. He has been at the same school for the last two years. Owen still loves reading and has an amazing memory. He has been doing simple math problems (given two answers to choose from).

Laney is growing up so fast. She has been such a help through all of this. I try really hard not to depend on her too much. She is amazing though. People can’t believe she is only 3. Laney is very smart, articulate and caring. Always looking out for her brother.

I’m going to try to revive this blog. It is going to take on a slightly different twist now as our family has changed so much. I know too many fellow mom’s of children with special needs going through divorce. Hopefully sharing what is going on will at least help them feel like they aren’t alone.12032928_10205279892416225_7549946265971191151_n(1)



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  1. Divorce is really hard not only for you but your self-esteem, spiritual, mental and emotions it is really hard on the kids. I am happy that you are seeking some normalcy through this tough time. One thing I can say is keep your faith and answer any questions your kids have to the best of you ability so they can understand and adjust. When you have the kids and want a break always know there are services that are available for you to help with owen. One service I know is Healthy Children and Youth, it is a program that specializes in special needs kids. This program helps with daily living assistance with bathing dressing and grooming and time to watch owen if you want personal time for yourself. Utilize whatever is available for you to help you through this process. This blog is a great outlet to release whatever thought you have and want to share. May god bless you and your family.

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