Balancing Act

October 7, 2013

Over the weekend we went to stay with my parents. One thing we always do when we are there is go on a golf cart ride around town. My parents live in a small town where almost everyone uses their golf cart to get around town.

1383931_10200807474648576_1012286080_nWhile we were out on our ride we decided to visit one of the walking (made with hedges) labyrinths in town. I took Owen with me. Carrying him on my hip, we made our way through the maze. After a few minutes of getting my arms scraped by the bushes I decided we needed to try something else. So, I lift him up and throw him on my shoulders.

This is something we have tried numerous times with Owen over the years. He never quite grasped the concept. He would usually lose his balance or just go limp and lean over your head. Not this time though. He straightened up and enjoyed the ride. I couldn’t believe it.

Granted he was still a stinker. He put his hands over my eye, pulled me hair, etc. But for the most part it was great. I just held onto his knees and he was good to go. I was shocked.

It isn’t the easiest thing to do with an almost 6 year old kid. But it is great to have another option.

Owen never ceases to amaze me. To some it might seem like he is progressing so slow compared to other “typical” kids. But to us he is growing up at warp speed.

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