What did you do today?

September 20, 2013

I would say I have easily asked Owen the question, “What did you do today?” a hundred thousand times. The normal response is a smile. Then I follow up with, “Did yooooouuuu play with your friends?… No? Did yoooouuuu use the computer?… No?” and so on. Sometimes you would see a twinkle in his eye or see a physical response when you hit on something they did during the day.1150636_10200499509549641_1334549541_o

Today the usual conversation happened. “Owen, Did you have a good day today?…. What did you do today at school?”

This time I actually got a response! If I wasn’t paying attention I wouldn’t have caught it. He responded to me the same way I ask him, but was telling me the things he did today. He said, “Did yoooouuuu library?…. Did yoooouuuu Shipp’s (special ed teacher) room? Did yoooouuu Egeling’s (gen ed teacher) room?” He said a few others that I didn’t quite understand. But in his way he was actually telling me what he did today!

This was a huge deal. We were having a bit of a conversation. It was so exciting. I am still shocked. And to think if I hadn’t really been paying attention I would have thought he was just mimicking what I usually ask him.

He truly amazes me!


One comment

  1. That was amazing. A very good sign that this is going to be an outstanding year for Owen. And you. 🙂


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