Where have I been?

September 6, 2013

Well, things have been CRAZY! Hence the name of the blog. đŸ™‚

Owen is now a kindergartener. It is so hard to believe that my little boy is such a big kid.

KindergartenThis momma had a really hard time with that first day of kindergarten. It’s a new school, new staff, new kids… I was scared for Owen. Thinking about the fact that he couldn’t tell people what he needed, wanted or felt.

Also, as a mom of a young special needs child, I try to avoid thinking too far in the future. It’s scary. That’s where my mind went seeing him at his new school. I started thinking; Will he be able to be independent? Will he be able to walk? Will he go to a typical high school? And so on and so on.

Needless to say that was a really tough day for me. When he finally got home from school I just wanted to grab him, hold him and never let him grow up. Luckily that smile quickly brings me back to the present.


One comment

  1. I ditto your feelings, my friend, and (unfortunately) am still going through this three (3) weeks after school has started…

    Hugs to you.

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