My little helper

November 6, 2012

Owen has never really been a kid that “wanted” to help. I always have to try hard to get him involved with the types of things his peers are.

I have seen tons of lists of chores your special needs child can help with. Most of them are not appropriate for Owen. I think it is really important for him to learn a sense of responsibility.

Today I had Owen with me at the grocery store. For the most part he just hangs out and rides along.

As I was getting ready to start bagging the groceries it occurred to me it might be a good opportunity for Owen to help. So, I took him out of his wheelchair and sat him on the counter. I handed him the groceries one at a time and had him put them in the bag.

He didn’t make it through the whole cart, but bagged 3 or 4 bags. He thought it was hilarious. It definitely took longer than normal, but I think we will do it more often. It was good for him.


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