Back on track?

November 2, 2012

Maybe… I’m going to try to get back on track with posting. It was an interesting day today and I thought, I should blog about that. Then I thought, gee…. I haven’t done that in a while. lol

This morning Owen’s PT came over to work with him. We talked about a lot of ways to work on Owen’s walking skills. She asks me if I take Owen outside for walks in his walker. No, I haven’t. Honestly I hadn’t thought about doing it. It’s not that I’m against it, just hadn’t thought about it.

So, I’m thinking it sounds like a good idea and its sunny out. I get everyone dressed, jackets and shoes on. Laney gets strapped into Owen’s old tricycle. I get Owen’s walker out and put him in it.

Our driveway is a little steep so it takes some maneuvering and multiple trips to get everyone to the road. So far everyone is still thinking this is fun. After all, it is a great day out.

We get to the road and that’s when the fun stops. Owen doesn’t want to walk and Laney doesn’t want to hold still. I’m going back and forth trying to keep everyone happy while still accomplishing the goal of getting Owen some walking time.

After about 20-30 mins I gave up. It took about 15 mins to get everyone back in the house. All three of us are frustrated. Laney is crying.

Once we get in and jackets off I think… yeah, that’s why I don’t do this.

I know it was just a bad day and it won’t always be like that. We will try again another time. Hopefully with more success.

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