Rams Game

September 7, 2012

Our friends at TASK gave our family some tickets to the last Pre-season Rams game. Even though we already had a busy week planned we thought we would go.

So, after work we got everybody changed and loaded up to go to the game. Since the game started at 6 we were already going to miss the first part of the game. We weren’t too worried about that since we figured the kids wouldn’t make it through the whole game anyway.

Our first issue with the dome was there is no handicap parking anywhere. They don’t have their own garage. So, we end up parking about a half mile away. Not a huge deal, but definitely annoying.

We finally navigate the bumpy streets with Owen’s wheelchair and get to one of the doors. First thing we see is there is no ramp to get to the door. There were only two steps so we just picked Owen’s chair up to get in.

Once we get in the door some lady says, “Whoa, whoa… Can he walk?” In my mind there were a few expletives that I won’t post here. But seriously… He’s in a wheelchair. Not listening to my inner, much more blunt, voice I reply. No, he can’t walk. She says we have to walk around the stadium to another door to go in. At this point Brett and I were both already frustrated with the parking and what not. I ask her if its ok if we take Owen out of his wheelchair and carry him and pull the wheelchair up the escalator. Reluctantly she agrees, repeatedly telling me how they really are helpful with kids like Owen if we go to the right door.

Well, after coming up with a strategy to get Owen, his wheelchair and Laney up the escalator we head up to the next floor. Our tickets were on the fourth floor. We assumed once we got to the next floor we could just walk around the stadium on the inside and get to the handicap accessible side of the building.

As we walk around that floor I asked 3 or 4 people that worked there where the elevator was. Amazingly no one knew. How is that? Not even the First Aid guy knew. Finally we find an elevator marked as disabled and media only. They get us up to the 4th floor.

I will say this. The dome does have a lot of wheelchair accessible seating… once you get in. lol We find some open seats (the stadium was pretty scarce since it was a pre-season game) that weren’t already occupied by people who clearly didn’t need them.

We grab some food and enjoy the last of the game. Afterwards the trip out wasn’t too bad since we knew where the elevator was now. We hop on at the 4th floor to ride down to the bottom. First we stop on the 3rd floor and pick up three guys with beers. They clearly were no disabled or media, but whatever. Then we stop again on the 1st floor and pick up and guy in his late 20’s/early 30’s. He had some tics and some speech issues.

We get down to the ground floor and we all pile out. The last guy that got on tried to go out the door with his beer and the security guy stopped him. The guy replies, “Sorr… S.. S… S… Soorr rr rry” and makes his way out the door ahead of us. Once out the door, the guy straightens up, starts walking with a normal gait, gets his phone out of his pocket and calls his buddies.

As I’m walking I am just staring at this guy. I couldn’t believe he would pretend to be disabled to get down the elevator (one floor mind you). Brett and I were just in awe of this guy. Who does something like that? Very odd.

Overall all, despite all of the hassles we did have fun. We will be better prepared if we go to another game.

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