This kid is unbelievable

September 6, 2012

I just had to blog this one from earlier tonight. Brett is at work and Laney was asleep. So, it was just me and Owen at the dinner table. We had just finished eating and he was having some mini oreos for dessert.

We were sitting here listening to music on Pandora with the iPad. All of a sudden I see Owen is choking. Like really choking. Not just a coughing because he swallowed something wrong. It was a, there was no noise coming out, no air coming out, type of choking.

I instantly reach over to pound on his back (which almost always works). Nothing happened. He was still choking. So, I snag him out of his chair and start performing the Heimlich. After a few seconds the cookie breaks free and he starts breathing again.

Just as he was barely starting to breath, with water still welled up in his eyes, he struggles to say, “new song”. What the hell? I just performed the heimlich on him to save his life and the first thing he says is “new song”.

Its like he never even choked. He was just concerned with what song was on the iPad. This kid is something else. lol

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