New Diagnosis

August 22, 2012

For a while now we have thought maybe Owen was on the Autism spectrum, but didn’t have confirmation and, quite honestly, given everything else, we weren’t sure if it was even worth pursuing.

Finally we had gotten to a point where Owen’s sensory issues and transition issues were beginning to become a problem. So, we decided to see if what we suspected was true and if they had some new strategies and techniques we could use to work with Owen.

Earlier today we had Owen’s official Autism evaluation at Touchpoint Autism Services. It has been confirmed that Owen does have Autism. We will have the official report and recommended strategies in a couple of weeks.

It’s funny how a diagnosis of Autism for some families would be heartbreaking, scary, detrimental, etc. But for us and everything we have been through so far we view it so much differently. To us it’s another answer that can help give us some better strategies to work with Owen. Almost a good thing really. lol

So with that being said we have a new medical condition to learn about and research. Something new to add to the list of discussion points in Owen’s IEP. Another team of therapists and specialists to list as a part of Owen’s support team.

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