Best trip to Target EVER

August 12, 2012

We took the kids to Target this afternoon to pick up diapers and what not. We decided to take Owen in his wheelchair just because it would be easier. Put him in his wheelchair and Laney in the cart.

The trip started off with one of us pushing Owen in his chair. Then he started grabbing at the wheels. So, I let him wheel around a little while I was in the diaper aisle. Then he just kept going.

He ended up wheeling around the whole store. I had to help him turn corners but he looked at toys, books, movies, food, cards, etc. I couldn’t believe how long he pushed himself around.

Then while we were standing in the card aisle it hit me. He was really just enjoying the independence of being able to do what he wanted. He is four and a half years old and has very little control over his life. I almost started crying right there in the middle of target.

All sorts of emotions hit me all at once. Is he ready for more independence? Am I holding him back from being more independent? Will he ever be fully independent? Question after question after question. It just became a little overwhelming all at once.

One decision I did make was that getting this wheelchair that can be manually operated was very much the right thing to do. I still believe that Owen will walk. We are still going to have him use his walker. But for now, he is so much more stable in this wheelchair. He can look at the things he wants to. He can go the places he wants.


  1. Sarah,

    That is so awesome and wonderful! I can’t imagine the struggles that you deal with on a daily basis, but handling them with the grace that you do makes you a wonderful mother. Owen is blessed to have such strong parents which will in turn make him stronger. Owen will live an amazing life because of everything you two have done for him, but don’t forget…. he will always need his momma. Your blog has been a wonderful gift and it is amazing watching Owen grow and develop. Thank you for opening your life and your experiences to others. I’m sure that more people than myself are very appreciative.

    • Thanks Emily. I really hope blogging helps people see what an amazing kid Owen is and might help some other parents out there going through the same stuff.

  2. Hey, this is Tyler’s Dad (www.tylerstrip.blogspot.com), I’m not sure if we’ve met before. But since Tyler got a manual wheelchair he has become a whole new person. He has learned to explore. We’ll put in in his chair and he wheels all around the house just checking out each room. There are rooms in his house he’s never “noticed” before, but now he is just full of curiousity. In reading your story of Owen, it reminds me of how proud and amazed I feel about my own son. Isn’t it just awesome?

    • Yeah, I think we have met a couple of times. We were in Nashville. It is amazing. Its like a whole new world is available to them. Tyler looks awesome in his new chair.

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