Funny how things change

August 10, 2012

So, last night I go to Owen’s school open house. We met the new teacher and new ABA coordinator. Teacher seemed really nice. ABA coordinator seemed nervous but nice.

I was going into the beginning of this school year thinking our biggest fight was going to be with PT. Her and I have never really been able to get on the same page with Owen’s goals at school. But when we get to the open house last night it turns out that we have a new school PT this year. And she sounds like a better fit for Owen and our goals for Owen. In my mind I was cheering and jumping up and down. I’m really not a fan of confrontation.

Then shortly before we leave someone asks, has anyone talked to you about Owen’s school schedule? I said, no, I just assumed it was the same as last year. Last year Owen was going full days. He would get his ABA time in the morning and then go to the Purple room in the afternoon. Well, there is no purple afternoon class this year.

They were telling us not to stress out about it. I’m like, really? This is a huge deal. What do you mean don’t stress?!?! I told them we needed to know what was going on asap. So, they talked and now it is looking like they are going to put Owen in a different classroom that has both morning and afternoon class.

Its funny how the one thing I was most worried about ended up being the thing I’m least worried about and the thing I was least worried about is now the thing I’m most worried about. What the hell?

On a separate note, Owen was so happy to be back at school. As soon as we got in the building he took off in his walker. Brett and I both walked up to him in the classroom and he immediately said, See ya later. lol

Then in the hallway as we were leaving I told Owen to hold on since it was kind of crowded. He can be a bit of a wild driver sometimes and run people over. He said something so I leaned down to ask him what he said and he hugged me. Owen’s never really hugged me on his own. I looked up at Brett like, uhhh, what do I do? haha It took me by surprise. A pleasant one though.

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