Another new school year

August 9, 2012

School bus picture from last year.

Another new school year is about to begin. Classes start on Tuesday. There is an open house at Owen’s school tonight. He will get to see all of his friends and therapists. We will also get to meet the new teacher and hopefully the new ABA coordinator.

I’m really getting nervous about having a new teacher. We loved Owen’s last teacher. I really hope the new teacher is on the same page as us. It will make our lives a lot easier.

We are going to be suggesting a few changes for this year. I really hope things go smoothly. We really want Owen to focus on transitioning in and out of his walker. From the walker to a chair, from the chair to the walker, from the walker to the floor, etc.

I can’t wait for his the staff to see how much progress Owen has made with his communication skills. He has really done well over the summer. He is requesting things and even answering questions. That is a huge step for us.

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