“Stand Up”

August 5, 2012

One of the big challenges we have had with Owen is getting him to pull up to standing. For the most part he has always just seemed uninterested in it. Without the motivation its pretty hard to even get him to work on it. We have been working on this for about three years.

Well just recently I’ve started letting him stand right in front of the tv. Bad idea? Oh, I’m sure it is. But he’s very motivated to do it. This morning he is sitting in front of the tv and says, “Stand Up!”

I have to help him get started. For some reason he struggles with using his hands to pull himself to his knees. I’m not sure if its a hand strength thing or an understanding of the mechanics. But once he is on his knees, tall kneeling, he practically goes to standing on his own. This is a huge step for us.

Now its just on us to make sure we are practicing this with him.

One comment

  1. A great step towards great things!

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