Brother and Sister

August 1, 2012

Owen has been going through a slow evolution since we brought Laney home from the hospital. When we first got home with her Owen completely ignored her. It was like she did not exist.

Then we moved on to tolerating. You could sit next to Owen holding Laney and he wouldn’t scoot away. That was progress.

Next we evolved to acknowledging. She would do something or you would say something about her and he would look at her and smile.

Now we have moved to annoyance. lol… Laney has started getting more mobile and is always in Owen’s business.

Laney on the other hand ADORES Owen. She is completely fascinated by him. Its so amazing to see. She always wants to see what he’s doing or be by him.

They have started a little bit of sibling rivalry. He likes to take toys from her and she gets mad. She likes to pull his hair and be right up in his personal space.

I am so excited to see their relationship continue to evolve.


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