July 29, 2012

All in all Owen LOVED TASK camp. The staff was great and they did so many great activities. We will definitely be going back again next year.

The kids swam every day. They got to cook, act in drama class, make crafts, etc. Every morning Owen would get so excited when he found out he was going to camp.

Owen attended two summer camps this year which in itself is awesome. Its awesome that there are so many choices for Owen. I think it is really important for him to take part in the same thing most kids do over the summer.

Variety camp was really nice also. He got to do a lot of the same fun activities. The only reason I like TASK camp over Variety camp is that it was more organized. As a mom that gave me a little extra comfort level. I think we will take Owen to Variety camp again next year too but if we had to choose just one it would be TASK.

This is the performance they had for the parents at the end of the week. Owen didn’t want to stand up. It turns out it was because his brace wasn’t on all the way.

This is just a short clip to show how much Owen loved his Camp Group Leader Kevin. Its nice to see young kids really enjoy volunteering for TASK.

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