TASK Summer Camp so far

July 26, 2012

This is Owen’s first year participating in TASK Summer Camp. He started on Monday and tomorrow is his last day. He has really had a lot of fun. He gets so excited in the morning when we say he is going to camp.

Every morning they start out in the pool. Then they do activities like crafts, cooking, sports, drama, etc. Owen’s buddy for the week is named Luke. He’s a volunteer with TASK.

Tuesday when I went to pick him up I had a surprise. I was signing him out and the girl says, “Oh, you’re here to get Owen? Can you stick around a minute? Someone needs to talk to you. We had some biting issues today.” In my mind I sigh… They were nice about it. Just asked what they could do to help Owen not get so frustrated. He only bit one person yesterday. Today there were no biting reports. lol

One day this week Owen brought home soap on a rope. They made it at craft time. Today they said the kids went fishing in the pond. Owen caught a fish!

Tomorrow they are putting on a performance. I can’t wait to see what its all about. Should be interesting. I promise to get video.

We will definitely be doing TASK camp again next year. Owen has really enjoyed all of the activities and Deb (woman who runs TASK) is great.

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