Feels Good To Be Included

July 21, 2012

Owen was invited to a swimming birthday party for one of his classmates. Prior to the party I got a really nice email from the mother asking if there was anything they could do to make sure Owen had a good time. I thought that was a really nice thing to do and a nice way to ask.

Today was the party. It was just me and Owen. I thought it would be good for Owen if it was all about him. I also decided to take Owen in his walker as opposed to a stroller. The stroller definitely would have been easier. But I thought it was important for his classmates to see him walking.

As soon as I got into the water with Owen (using his inner tube now) the birthday boy started yelling, “OWEN!! Hey, It’s Owen!” Then he grabs Owen in his inner tube and takes off. I tried to give him his space with his friends. Its not “cool” to have a grown up with you all the time. I just stalked a 5 or 6 steps away.

One by one other kids started showing up. They were all excited to see Owen. Especially two little girls. They almost got into a fight over who got to sit next to Owen.

Owen was really enjoying his time with his friends. A couple of times when they took off to go down a slide or something and I took Owen to the lazy river he would push my hand away. Almost like, I can do it Mom. Leave me alone.

He swam until he was just exhausted. Then after a little break I took him into the shallow area where he could sit on his own without his ring. Him and I got in some quality time together playing in the water. That was great since we don’t get to do that too much anymore now that Laney is here.

Then during pizza and cake time there was a really cute moment. The two little girls that were so excited to see Owen took the birthday candles after they were done with them and put them in Owen’s piece of cake and sang him Happy Birthday. It was so cute. Owen was laughing and smiling. I got a little on video below.

Over all, it was really nice to see Owen included with his friends. They really were excited to see him.


  1. Sara, I love reading your blog and thrilled that Owen had a great day with his friends!

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