Update on Potty Training

July 18, 2012

I was chatting with a friend today about potty training. After spending some time thinking about it I realized it might be good to share how things are going with everyone else.

Well, its been almost a year and a half now. I know, seems like a really long time doesn’t it. It feels that way too. lol

To refresh everyone’s memory we started out just taking Owen throughout the day and setting him on the potty. He wasn’t communicating he had to go. We just used our own instincts.

After a couple of months we were going pretty strong. I even bought Owen some undies. We maintained about 70% on the potty until about November last year. Then it started getting harder for me to keep taking him to the potty. I was 8 months pregnant at that point.

After Laney was born we had a major set back. We weren’t taking him consistently and when we did he didn’t want to go.

Now after 3 months of working hard to get back on track we are back to 70-75% on the potty. We have our good days and bad days. Its a lot of work, but totally worth it. One of these days….. 🙂

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