Medic Alert

March 11, 2012

I finally got motivated and bought Owen a Medic Alert ID. I had been putting it off FOREVER. I also wasn’t quite sure what type to buy. I thought a bracelet would be too distracting to Owen and he wouldn’t leave it alone or keep it on. I thought about something for his shoe or backpack, but I would feel more comfortable with something that is on his person.

I saw on Pinterest that a friend had posted a link to a site with Medic Alert IDs specifically for children and more fashionable ones for adults. So, I checked it out. The site was Lauren’s Hope.

I found a mini dog tag that I thought just might be what we need. So, I got motivated and actually ordered it. I just put Owen’s name, Hydrocephalus, Programmable Shunt and my phone number on it.

When we got it I saw it was the perfect size for Owen. Then it was time for the real test. Would he wear it. The answer…. Yes! He was annoyed at first but then got used to it. He played with it a little and would look at it throughout the day, but left it on. Phew…

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