ABA evaluation

March 5, 2012

Several months ago we started investigating the possibility of Owen being somewhere on the autism spectrum. We went to see his neurologist and he agreed, but referred us to another organization for an official diagnosis. I will admit, the paperwork for the eval sat on my desk for weeks before I even started to fill out the 15 pages of enrollment/interview paperwork.

Then about a month ago I get a call from Owen’s teacher asking if I had ever considered the possibility of ABA therapy for Owen. Its something I had been thinking about for a while. From what I know about ABA therapy, I think Owen would really benefit from it.

For those who don’t know what ABA therapy is, here’s a technical description. ABA stands for Applied Behavioral Analysis. Typically developing children learn without our intervention–the world around them provides the right conditions to learn language, play, and social skills. Children with autism learn much, much less easily from the environment. They  have the potential to learn learn, but it takes a very structured environment, one where conditions are optimized for acquiring the same skills that typical children learn “naturally.” ABA is all about how to set up the environment to enable our kids to learn.

Owen is getting his evaluation this week. I will be very interested to see what the results of the evaluation, if he qualifies, and what that means on a daily basis to him. From what I understand he would still get class time with his peers, but some of his learning time would be either one on one or in a smaller more structured group.

I will keep you posted with what happens.


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