Communication has taken off!

February 21, 2012


I am in awe of how quickly Owen’s communications skills are increasing. He has had a huge vocabulary for a long time, but never “functionally” used that vocabulary. But in the last couple of months he is really learning his words have meaning and can get him things.

I have to attribute it to his little sister. With her taking up more of our time he has had to start speaking up.

A few shining examples:

He has an Elmo game he loves on the iPad. Part of it requires him to trace letters with his finger. He always needs help with that part. Last week I got him to start saying “Mommy” when he needs help. 🙂
Last week he scooted out of his room to let us know he needed to pee on the potty.
At night when I go in to check on him in bed, a few times he has stopped me by saying “storybook”. Of course I had to stop and read him a story. How can I deny that?

I am just so excited about all of his talking. It will be so great to know what the heck is going on in his little head one of these days.

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