Mr. Chatterbox isn’t just “chattering” anymore

February 8, 2012

I would say Owen is finally starting to “get it”. He now understands that his words have meaning. For a long time Owen has been able to label all kinds of things (from apples to xylophones). The problem was he wouldn’t express his wants or needs.

His language has really taken off in the last month or so. Its amazing. He is appropriately saying things like “all done”, “new game”, etc. The other day in his room he looked at me and said “you watch”. I said, watch, watch what? He said, “you watch pocoyo” (one of his cartoons).  It was so exciting.

I got an email from his teacher at school today saying she can’t believe Owen’s spontaneous talking. She said he is actively participating in circle time, beyond just singing the songs. She said he is even saying Thank You when given things.

We couldn’t be happier. Just the idea of being able to communicate with Owen is so exciting. I don’t care if we need some sort of aug comm device, sign language or actual speech.

People with typical kids just have no idea how hard that part of it is. Not ever knowing what your kid is thinking, wanting, feeling…

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