February 5, 2012

Well, a couple of months ago we started trying to implement timeouts for Owen. He has gotten into a bad habit of hair pulling, biting, grabbing people’s glasses, etc. when we are transitioning between activities.

At first we really struggled with how to implement these.  We couldn’t really sit him in a chair and expect him to sit there with out hurting himself. He wouldn’t hesitate to throw himself in the floor face first. We also wondered if he would even be affected by a timeout. He is such a content little guy.

After lots of polling of other parents and research we decided to use his old high chair that had a 5 point harness on it. This way we could strap him in safely. We also decided to put that chair in the kitchen for a couple of reasons. One, its centrally located in the house. This way we could listen and make sure he was fine. Also, easy access to the timer on the microwave. He can see the timer from his chair.

At first he seemed rather immune to this whole process. He could have cared less. And there was no way we were going to get him to apologize. He just ignored us. I would say for the most part he ends us in timeout 3 or 4 times a week, sometimes more.

In the past week I have noticed a change. I went to put him in timeout earlier in the week and he started saying, “I sowwy” before he was even strapped in. I told him thank  you for saying he was sorry but he still had to sit in timeout for biting mommy. He was NOT happy to be sitting in timeout. After his 4 minutes I came back and told him why he was in timeout and asked him to say he was sorry. He did it!

Now, this hasn’t stopped him from throwing tantrums. But I do hope he is starting to learn there are consequences for hurting other people. We’ll see…

One comment

  1. Love your strategy and your follow through on this Sara! I will pass it along to other families!

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