We made some progress today…

January 6, 2012

As of this evening I’m officially on my own with the two kids (at least while Brett’s at work that is). So, of course it hits the fan right away.

I am sitting on the couch feeding Laney when I notice Owen grunting. We are still working on using the potty. So I had to jump up. Put Laney in her bouncer. Grab Owen and head for the potty. Well, Owen is your typical male and really likes to take his time.

As we sit there Laney starts crying. Owen starts thinks its funny and starts smiling and laughing. Well, she gets louder and louder. So, eventually I had to run and grab her before she hyperventilates and bring her in there with us.

So, here we were… all three in the bathroom. Owen was smiling watching Laney drink from her bottle. After a few minutes I take the bottle away to burp her. I sat the bottle on the edge of the tub and Owen grabs it and hands it to me. He thought Laney needed some more. I told he she needed to burp. He thought her burps were funny too.

He was actually touching her hand and not shoving her away. I know it isn’t much progress, but I’ll take it. 🙂

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