Welcome Laney!

January 2, 2012

I am going to try in 2012 to post more regularly. I let my blog slip the last few months of my pregnancy.

Owen is officially a big brother now. Little sister Laney was born December 16th. 7lbs and 7ozs. A healthy baby girl. This was a COMPLETELY different experience then what I had with Owen. Right after Owen was born he was whisked away to the NICU and my husband along with him. I only got to see him a couple of times before he was flown to Children’s Hospital the next day. I didn’t see him again for 3 more days.

After Laney was born I was able to hold her right there in the OR. It was crazy. They just handed her to Brett and said here you go. He wasn’t sure what to do. The hospital was nice enough to do a bedside check-in. They cleaned her and ran all of her tests right there in Recovery with me. Then we got to ride up to the room together. It was just a completely different experience.

Owen isn’t quite sure what to think of his little sister. For the most part he doesn’t really want anything to do with her. He just ignores her. He laughs or smiles when she makes noises or spits out her pacifier. That’s about it though. Owen doesn’t want to touch her and doesn’t like it too much when we are holding her. He doesn’t throw a fit or anything, but is visibly annoyed.

Hopefully once she starts to show a little more of her personality he will become more interested. We’ll see. 🙂


  1. As I was reading along, I kept saying ‘yep that’s the same way I felt’. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect either. All I told the nurses was I wanted to hold her right away since I didn’t get to with Tyler. Travis even got to carry her from the OR back to our room.
    Tyler is the same way around Kenna still. He just ignores her and curls his lip when she cries. Hopefully Owen warms up to her quicker than he is doing.

  2. Oh, Sara I am so excited for you all. Personally I don’t think Laney has done anything that impresses Owen enough to give her much attention yet. In time this will change!

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