Parent Leadership Institute Training…

November 7, 2011

This past Saturday was the last day of my PLI training. It was held one Saturday a month for the last 3 months. It was an incredible experience. It opened my eyes to so many things I never considered. Things to do with Owen’s quality of life, future, etc. I HIGHLY recommend it for any parent in the St. Louis area.

At the first session we met Kathy Snow, who pretty much blew my mind. Her views on disability are very controversial but very inspiring at the same time. I won’t say I agree with everything she said. I definitely learned a lot though and caused me to change several things about Owen’s IEP and my view of therapy.

The second session we met Derek. He teaches social skills to people with disabilities. The big point of his talk was how important social skills are for our kids. If they can’t function socially with peers and adults it will lead to depression and loneliness as they get older. This was another eye opener for me. I had never really taken much time to think about how important social interaction is for Owen, now and for his future.

The last session we learned about the local PACs, learned how to conduct ourselves better in meetings and met another very inspiring mom. This mom told us how to get more involved with our schools. Stressed how important it is to become indispensable. She said by volunteering and helping with school functions staff and administration will be happy to see us at the school instead of thinking, “Oh great, what is her complaint now.” Makes so much sense.

This training taught me so much. It has completely changed some goals and dreams I have for Owen. It has motivated me to become more involved. It taught me to put Owen’s future happiness first and whether or not he can master the pincer grasp further down the list.

Again, I urge any local special needs parent to attend this training. Its life changing. For more information, Parent Leadership Institute.

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