Mr. Independence

October 6, 2011

Last night Owen had Explorers at the Delta Gamma Center. It’s a playgroup for kids Owen’s age with visual impairments. They have games, crafts and music. Owen LOVES it.

So last night we get there and put him in his walker at the door. With out hesitating Owen takes off. He was so excited to be there. Usually it takes quite a bit of prodding to get him to walk where you want him to. The funny thing is on the way into the hallway there is a ramp. Owen just straightened his arms and picked up his feet and rode it down.

He was all over the place in there. A little man on a mission. 🙂 Then once we got him into the room and the volunteer with the guitar showed up, Owen pushed himself out of his chair and scooted right up to her.  It was amazing to see him so independent.

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