October 4, 2011

Since Owen’s birthday is right after our scheduled due date for Laney, we have decided to have Owen’s birthday party a month early in November. This way he will have one last big birthday bash all to himself. We are throwing a party big enough that all of his friends, classmates and family can come.

We felt it was very important to have a party “cool” enough that his classmates would want to come. Through the PLI (Parent Leadership Institute) workshops I’ve been going to, I’ve come to realize how incredibly important it is for us to help foster friendships between Owen and his classmates. The fact that I work full time and Owen takes the bus to and from school makes it harder. I don’t get a chance to meet and talk with the other children and moms.

That is why we decided on this big birthday party for Owen. It will be a private party at the Magic House. We will be able to invite all of Owen’s classmates, friends and family. Up to 50 people. It will be just us at the Magic House. Owen loves the Magic House but when its crowded he can’t really enjoy it. This will allow Owen to have a good time with his friends.

We are hoping the party also gives us a chance to meet other parents and gives the other parents a chance to see Owen playing and having fun.

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