Starting a sensory diet…

September 9, 2011

We have talked about starting a sensory diet with Owen in the past. But after everything I read it seemed like a huge commitment. I wasn’t sure how much Owen would really benefit from it. So, we didn’t do it.

Recently I had a meeting with his OT at school. They had started a brushing protocol with him at school that he was really responding well to. She wanted to show me how to do it and how Owen reacted to it.

The more she talked to me it became clear we had already started implementing small sensory activities in our daily schedule with out thinking about it. It started to become less overwhelming and I thought, we can do this. Plus to see how Owen really responded to the compressions and brushing I didn’t see how we couldn’t.

So today is our first official day. We will be incorporating brushing, compressions, oral motor and heavy work in our daily routine. We’ll see if it can help Owen focus. I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

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