Therapy frustrations…

August 12, 2011

Owen has been going to aqua therapy since last December. He loves it and insurance actually covers it. We’ve had a few road blocks though and are at another.

Several months ago, Owen’s therapist (a PT) tells me she’s really struggling getting Owen to work in the pool. She said she thinks he has some sensory issues so it is hard for him to concentrate. I told her he just really likes the water and gets excited easily. She wanted to switch him to working with an OT instead. Well… insurance wouldn’t cover that.

So, she worked with him another week or so and he did better so she didn’t bring it back up…. until today. I could tell something was up because while they were in the pool I could see she had a strange look on her face and she kept talking to someone else instead of working with Owen.

After therapy she says to me that she is really struggling getting Owen to cooperate. In my head I’m thinking, of course you are, he’s a 3.5 year old child with disabilities. Then she goes on to say she wants to try one more time maybe incorporating some music and a tighter fitting swim shirt. The OT had told her to try using those techniques to calm Owen. But if those don’t work she thinks maybe we should stop doing the pool for a while.

So, needless to say, I’m a little annoyed. I suppose I have a few options. One, I could switch to a different PT at the same place. Two, I could stop taking him and find some other therapy to take him too. Three, agree to do “land” therapy with her instead of aqua.

I don’t know… just feeling pretty frustrated this afternoon.

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