Fun at the carnival

July 4, 2011

Last night after dinner the rain started to let up and the temperature had come down some. So we decided to load up and take Owen to the carnival. We figured, if nothing else, he would love the bright lights of all of the rides.

We found a prime parking spot to watch the fireworks from then headed into the carnival. At first Owen wasn’t sure what to think. Then we stopped in front of a ride that took its riders in a big circle. Once it started up Owen thought it was hilarious. All the kids screaming and the lights blinking.

After a trip around the carnival I noticed there were quite a few rides that allowed the parent to ride along so we decided to get some tickets so Owen could ride some rides. He’d been on things like the carousel before and liked it, but not much else. I had no idea how much he would love the different rides.

Brett even took him on the tilt-a-whirl. I wasn’t so sure about that one, but Owen loved it! I was wishing we had gone earlier in so he could have rode some more rides before the fireworks. We went back and forth trying to decide if Owen was ready to ride the car ride, the one that just goes in a circle on a track, by himself. We ultimately decided no. It had a seat strap, but if he were to tip over there were plenty of things for him to whack his head on. Maybe next time.

Owen loved the carnival and the fireworks. He rode several different rides, played some carnival games and enjoyed the fireworks. All in all a great night. Glad we decided to risk the weather and go.

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