Potty time…

June 13, 2011

For the last couple of months we’ve been halfheartedly trying to potty train Owen. I was feeling good because we were having 30% or so success. But as most of you know, Owen hasn’t really been good at communicating requests. So, I wasn’t getting too stressed about it.

He was getting good at saying he was “pee on da poddy” when he was on there. So, I knew he knew what peeing on the potty was.

This morning as I was getting him out of bed he was saying “pee on da poddy” over and over. I took him to his potty…. AND HE PEED! He told me he had to go and he went. How awesome is that?!?! Its amazing on so many levels. He knew he was going to have to pee, communicated it and actually went when I put him on there.

I’ve really got to start expecting more out of Owen. I find myself cutting him slack. But he is a smart kid and understands a lot of what I expect from him. But if I let him get away with not picking up his toys or whatever he’s not going to do it.

What a great start to the week!!!


  1. That is so great Sara! One step closer to bigger success!

  2. That is awesome!! Way to go Owen!!

  3. wooohoo!! Great job, Owen! I have been dragging my feet with this, too. Haven’t even really started. You’ve inspired me to crack down 🙂

  4. Yay Owen!! How great! Nola finally was fully potty trained about a month or so ago.

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