Really struggling with stroller/wheelchair decision

June 8, 2011

This past weekend I realized Owen is outgrowing his umbrella stroller. He’s just getting too long for it. As far as I can tell there really aren’t any umbrella strollers or lightweight strollers that fit longer kids. So now the question comes down to, are we ready to get a wheelchair.

Right now Owen needs to use a kid cart (child size wheelchair) in order to ride the bus. We borrowed it from a friend and its DOT certified for the bus. But other than on the bus we haven’t needed one yet. Owen being small for his age has let us get by for quite a while with his umbrella stroller.

I think I’ve been in denial that Owen is going to need one. Maybe I just didn’t want to admit it. Of course I’m still holding on to the idea that Owen will walk one day. But the truth is I have no idea how far in the future that day is. Even if he gets better with his walker in the near future he’s still not going to be able to use it for long distances.

So, now I guess the question is, do we get a wheelchair that is DOT certified or one that is maybe collapsible and more convenient. I’m really hoping to fight the school to allow him to ride the bus w/o being in a wheelchair. Decisions, decisions…….



  1. I fought the wheelchair thing for the longest time…I viewed it as almost giving up or something. But can I just tell you, now that we have one, we LOVE it!!! Seriously ADORE it! It has made our lives a billion times easier, and it hasn’t slowed Avery’s progression towards walking or anything, it has just made it possible for her to be independent even when her legs are too tired to attempt walking. Love it. We got a Sunrise medical Quickie 2. It is foldable, and it also has the transit clips for using it as a seat on the bus, even though we don’t do that. She sits in a regular seat and they load the wheelchair in through the back door, and strap it down with bungie cords. I didn’t want her to ride the bus in her wheelchair.

    • I’m glad to hear it hasn’t slowed her progress. That’s one of the things I’m worried about.

      That’s great that she doesn’t have to ride the bus in her wheelchair. Our school system says they have to. I’m going to fight that again in the fall.

  2. Here is a link that might be helpful. I have one of these stroller and it is very nice. I have NOT used it on a bus but it says it is for bus transit. I actually got to buy mine on Craigslist for $100.00 in GREAT shape. Hope you can find a good deal too.
    eSpecial Needs :: Adaptive Equipment :: Special Needs Strollers :: Convaid EZ Rider Transit Stroller
    I just googled special needs umbrella stroller and found this sight for eSpecial Needs.

    • Wow… $100. That IS a great deal. Someone else had recommended that one to me too.

  3. Ugh! We struggled with this decision last summer. Miles is HUGE, and we are still cramming him into our GRACO Travel system stroller. If we put him in the umbrella stroller, he can easily tip it over! If they weren’t so expensive, the decision would be easier. Just think of it this way- if it will make life easier for you *right now* than it is something you need.

    • You’re right Sherri. I need to simplify this and just look at what will make life easier and not make it bigger than that.

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