Excited about new PT strategies

June 5, 2011

Last week we took Owen to see the Physical Therapist he used for his first three years. We had to switch from her when he started school with the local school district. But Owen has been on a bit of a PT plateau. So, we decided to go back to seeing her this summer once a week. We are hoping she can help us get Owen past this lull in his gross motor development.

She had several new ideas for Owen that have me excited. One of the ideas is using Walking Wings in conjunction with his walker. Its a harness that goes around the kids chest with two straps that come up for the adult to hold to help the little one keep their balance. When I use these with the walker it forces Owen to stay centered over his feet instead of leaning back on the reverse stop of the walker. It seems to be serving its purpose. We’ll see how it goes as we continue.

Another suggestion was e-stem. Electronic stimulation for his legs. Its a device that delivers small electric impulses to the muscles which cause the muscle to contract. I’ve been doing some research since last week. It looks like it could be a good tool as long as its used in conjunction with a physical activity. Helping train the muscles to contact.

Lastly, another great thing about this PT… She keeps me in line too. Things have been so crazy I haven’t been working with Owen as much as I should have been. She put me in check and reminded me what I need to be doing. So, I’m really hopeful this summer is going to be a productive one. 🙂

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