Big weekend for Owen…

April 25, 2011

He’s becoming quite the big boy. I realized last night that Owen had a really great weekend when I looked back at all of the new things he did.

We were at my mom’s this weekend for my little sister’s wedding. On Friday Owen was constipated. Usually at home, if he’s having these issues I sit him on his little potty and it helps him. Well, at my moms we didn’t have it with us. So, I ended up sitting him on the big toilet. He looked like such a big kid sitting up there. At first he was all smiles getting to sit up there and having me and my mom in there with him. Then he got down to business and wasn’t so happy. But all worked out and he had his first experience on the big toilet.

Then on Saturday it was Owen’s big moment. His first time as a ring bearer. I went back and forth with whether he should be carried, use his walker, be walked down by his hands, use a wagon… In the end I decided the best way would be to have him walk with me holding his hands. We had to use the iPad (playing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) at the end of them aisle as motivation. But it worked and he did great. I had tears in my eyes.

On Sunday we went to my Granny’s for Easter dinner and an egg hunt. Owen was actually getting into hunting eggs a little. He couldn’t spot them to pick them up. But when we’d take him to one and hand it to him he wanted to open it and then put it in his basket. This was the first year he showed any interest at all. It was so exciting.

Then lastly, last night we tried a new type of eating utensil for Owen. It was something they use for little babies first learning to use a fork and spoon. For the past year he has been refusing to hold a spoon or fork at all. Last night he was actually holding the fork and taking his bites. I had to put the food on it and put it in his hand, but hey, that’s progress and I’ll take it! LOL

Just had to share what an awesome weekend Owen had!

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