The Lite Gait

April 11, 2011

Last week during Hippotherapy, Owen’s PT asked if we had ever used or thought about trying a Lite Gait. She said she thought it would be perfect for Owen. Well, I had no idea what a Lite Gait was and had to do some research.

It turns out some good friends of ours had one for their son. They offered to let us come over and give it a try. (Have I mentioned how great it is to have so many friends in the same boat as us). So, we went over last night to check it out.

Surprisingly, Owen did really well on it. I figured there would be more of a learning curve for him, but he got on there and started stepping right away. The harness is a little big since Dillon (Owen’s friend) is a little bigger. But it was enough to show us this could be very useful for Owen learning to walk. Of course, it didn’t take Owen long to figure out how to cheat by picking up his feet and just hanging there. lol

So, now the next step is finding some place that has one Owen could use. I  also need to check into seeing if insurance would cover one for home.


  1. Besides walking, he’s training to be a hang glider too. 🙂 Double bonus.

    • LOL… I love it. I’ve already said he would be great at the luge because he loves slides and has the perfect aerodynamic head shape.

  2. Let us know where you are located and we will be happy to let you know if there are pediatric clinics or outpatient sites that are using LiteGait in your area.

    • I am near St. Louis. I have heard of a few places around here that have one. We are in the process of seeing if our insurance would cover it too.

  3. One strategy I use for children who love to swing (and most of them do…) is to count steps… say “10 steps, and then you get to swing for 5 times.” I build up the number of steps (or minutes) the child has to take steps, and they reward themselves with a little “flying.”

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