Owen’s sensory acheivement

March 8, 2011

Last night Owen started hippotherapy again. It had been 2 months since his last session. I wasn’t sure how he would do after such a long break. Its not just the therapy it is also the change in schedule. His session is at 6pm on Mondays. So that throws off the whole day. We eat dinner earlier and naps are affected.

He did great while riding the horse. It came back to him quickly. He was sitting up straight riding along. He did start to get tired toward the end.  But overall the riding was great.

The big progress came at the end. After they ride they get to give the horse a treat (apples or carrots). Owen was always totally not into touching the horse or even watching it eat the treat. Of course the horse is right there in his face eating the treats. He wanted no part of it at all.

Well last night, at first he closed his eyes real tight and clinched his jaw. But after a few seconds he opened his eyes and the PT took his hand and put it on the horses nose. Owen didn’t recoil like normal. He actually left it there and before they were done was actually playing with the horse’s ears and stuff. It was great.

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