SETT and all day preschool

February 17, 2011

We had a few different meetings at Owen’s school today. The first was the SETT meeting with the aug comm adviser. That meeting went really well. They are going to use PECS with Owen. I think its a great plan and will work great. It will teach him how requesting or communicating his needs works. Hopefully that will lead right into him using his words to request. We also requested a Music Therapy evaluation. We’ll see how that goes. The teachers think he is a good candidate.

The next meeting was with his team at school. Just a parent teacher conference of sorts. It sounds like Owen is doing great at school. We got to hear how he interacts with the other kids. They are very impressed with Owen’s receptive speech and his cognition. The PT is still struggling to find ways to motivate Owen to work for her. That’s always been an issue though.

After that we met with the administrator about why Owen can’t attend all day preschool next year. After asking a lot of questions it basically comes down to the fact that they think Owen will need one on one attention for transitions between activities and rooms. The all day school only has two teachers for 20 kids. It was really frustrating to hear.

The last meeting just happened spur of the moment. The Special School District Social Worker was in the building. So, we met with her to talk about options for Owen. She asked us if we had something lined out for summer when there is no school. Honestly I’ve been putting that stress off.

So, overall it was the typical rollercoaster of a day. The good news is that Owen is doing great in school. There was even an invite to a birthday party for one of his classmates in his backpack today.


  1. I’m so happy to hear that at least some of the meetings went well! It sounds like Owen is doing really well with receptive speech and cognition, which is great news! (I secretly hope that Claire will have that kind of feedback when she is Owne’s age!)

    I hope Owen’s school comes up with a workable solution that would allow Owen to attend all-day preschool next year.

    • Thanks Amy. I have no doubt Claire is going to do wonderful things. She’s got great support. 🙂

    • Oops! Hit submit too soon. I was going to say:

      I hope Owen’s school comes up with a workable solution that would allow Owen to attend all-day preschool next year. He deserves it!

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