Growing up fast

February 11, 2011

Owen has officially been moved to his big boy (toddler) bed. It was a hard step to make. For one its hard admitting he’s growing up. Second, its the question of, will he understand he’s supposed to stay in bed. I know Owen is a smart kid. But really we don’t put a lot of restrictions on him.

Well Owen is proving to me he is a big boy. He has slept in his bed, at night and naps, for two days now with out any issues. He loves his new bed. He gets so excited when he gets in it.

I am constantly trying to convince myself that I need to start expecting more from Owen. I just immediately fall in line and do things for him. I can’t keep doing that. I guess redoing his room to be less of a nursery and more of a little boy’s room is my way of trying to take a step in that direction.

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One comment

  1. He looks so good in his big boy bed!

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