Rollercoaster of emotions

February 7, 2011

First let me start by saying that Owen is a wonderful kid. I wouldn’t change him in the least. He’s almost always happy and healthy.

But sometimes it bothers me thinking about how far behind he is. I got the weekly email from his teach last week. She says that all the kids are excited about friendship day and are talking about who they are going to give cards to. For some reason that one got me. I wish Owen was talking about things like that.

Once my brain starts down that path it doesn’t stop. I start thinking about how by the time he is able to do things like that, all his classmates will be doing other things he can’t. I start thinking about how he’ll always be behind. I feel like these are the easy days. As Owen gets older its just going to get harder. It breaks my heart to think about the struggles he has ahead of him. Thankfully he is such a happy go lucky kid. I hope he can keep that attitude as he grows up.

Then like most of us, I start asking myself if I should be doing more for Owen. Should I be putting him in his walker more, should I be making him work with utensils more, and so on and so on.

Then I think about how much worse things could be. Owen is happy and healthy. We need to be thankful for that and enjoy Owen and not stress about things we can’t control.

This is just an example of one of the rollercoasters of emotions parents of special needs kids experience.


  1. Yeah, I have found it much harder to deal with since my Owen started school too. The teacher always tries to include him in things, but let’s face it – Owen just doesn’t get most of it. They had a party for him for his birthday – he enjoyed the cupcake but had no idea that it was any different than any other day. He can’t do really anything that the other kids can…while they are cutting and pasting he is still trying to hold a paint brush and make a mark with it. While they are playing games his is looking at his legos. It’s not easy, but at least when he finally does something it’s like Christmas all over again and we can get incredibly excited about the small things. And I figure as long as he is making progress, however slowly that may be, then at least there is hope that he might get a whole lot more later on.

    • Yeah, the little victories are huge to those of us who don’t get them too often.

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