Show and Tell

January 26, 2011

When Owen started school I was looking over his school calendar. I saw that each month they have Show and Tell. So, I emailed Owen’s teacher to ask how Owen could participate. She said I could send a favorite toy or something that Owen really likes. I could also send a note with it that they could read to the class saying where Owen got it or why he likes it.

I got really excited about the idea of it. What a great way for Owen’s classmates to get to know him. At first I was really struggling with this… trying to come up with something. Then I had an idea. Horse therapy!

I got some pictures printed of Owen riding Charlie at hippotherapy. I wrote up a note to send with them about how much Owen loves riding Charlie and how he feeds Charlie snacks of carrots and apples. I thought it was a great way to show the kids Owen doing something fun. Can’t wait to hear how it goes. 🙂


  1. Ok, I’m not trying to be creepy, but I totally love your little boy 🙂 I hope someday that Miles and Owen get to meet!

    • Ha ha ha… I don’t think its creepy. I feel the same way. Its like a lot of these little ones are a part of my extended family. A lot of us have been online friends since our little ones were born. We’ve seen each other’s kids grow up.

      I really do hope we can all meet some day. 🙂

      • If she did get to meet that little Love Bug then he would be forever in her heart. He is the most lovable angel. I always look forward to his accomplishments!

  2. Thanks Debbie!

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