Turned out to be a great day!

January 21, 2011

The morning started off kind of frantic. The good thing with starting off with a bad day is that its bound to get better… right? 🙂

Owen had a lot of fun at aqua therapy. They started him off on this big floating pillow doing some calming activities. Then worked in just a single area on the pool. The therapist said he did a lot better staying focused. Good to know for activities here at the house.

Then he had a visit from his nutritionist. He gained 18 oz! I can’t believe it. This is a kid that only gained about 4oz in a whole year. In the last three months he’s gained almost 3 pounds. Amazing!

After a he had a good nap I took him out for some fun in the snow. Owen doesn’t have the greatest balance, so I can’t pull him in the sled. But I can push him. He loved it. Well… he loved it until he went face first into the snow. 😦 Poor kid. He gave me a look like, What the hell was that?!?!

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