Time sure flies…

October 13, 2010

Time sure flies when you are busy. So much has happened since my last entry.

Owen walking out of school after a fun day.

We have changed the configuration on Owen’s walker. It has a lot less support but he’s doing great. Its definitely a lot more work. We also got the

results back from his growth hormone test. They expect a kid to have a minimum level of 10… Owen’s was 2.8. Not even close. Sadly that means they have to do one more test in order to diagnose him as having a growth hormone deficiency.  The next test will only be a 1.5 hour test, as opposed to the 4 hour one he took last time. Hopefully it goes a lot smoother. If he is diagnosed he will be put on HGH and it will require shots to be administered by me….. I “think” I can handle it.

We signed a contract on a house in a new school district. So, I’ve been jumping through school district hoops all day. Owen turns 3 in December and will start public preschool in January. Since we are so close to age 3 but haven’t moved yet we have to decide which school district to use for our evaluation and screenings. Our IEP meeting will be at the new school.

Since we are moving we will also have to switch First Steps service coordinators for our last 1.5 months in First Steps. It also might effect our current therapy team. Our new house is about 20 miles from our current house. So, it might be too far out of the way for some. A lot of decisions to be made and things to consider.

Tomorrow we have the inspection on our new house. As long as all goes well with that we will start preparing to move. We have yet to get a pumpkin or pick out a Halloween costume. I’m hoping we can make time for that this weekend. *fingers crossed*

One comment

  1. That really stinks that they have to test him again considering his numbers were so low. I’m sure you will be glad to get that over with. Lots of changes coming up for our little guys! I SO look forward to hearing all about Owen’s new school. Hope the inspection went well.

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