The sweetest thing

October 5, 2010

Last night Owen had hippotherapy (aka horse therapy). We were running a bit late. So we were hurrying to get out of the car. As I was getting Owen out of the car he was throwing a fit. He didn’t nap much at school.

There is a little boy (9ish), Cole, that has hippotherapy the hour before Owen. He loves Owen. Always wants to help him get ready and what not. Well, Cole and his friend were getting ready to leave and they heard Owen crying.

They both came running over saying, “Its ok Owen. Don’t cry.” Then they asked if they could “escort” Owen inside. This basically means, can we push him in his walker. Since we were running late I said it was fine. So, they were pushing Owen and and Owen was loving it.

As we were getting close to the barn Cole says to me, “You know what my favorite thing is?” I say no, what is it? He says, “When Owen smiles. I don’t like to see him cry.” What a sweet thing to say. It brought a tear to my eye. What a sweet little boy.

One comment

  1. That is sweet. Hope he is doing well. Hope you are to.

    Jennifer 26 with congenital hydrocephalus

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