Talk about a rough day

September 30, 2010

We took Owen to St. Louis Children’s Hospital to get the growth hormone test today. The endocrinologist wanted to do the test since Owen hasn’t grown much and his weight and muscle tone are very low. In the initial test his growth hormone levels were so low they didn’t register.

So, nothing but water after midnight last night. Normally when we have to go with no food/drink its because of some sort of surgery. Those usually aren’t too big of a deal. This time he was going to be awake the whole time with nothing but water. Wasn’t looking forward to that.

We left the house at 7 to get there by 8 this morning. The first IV wasn’t fun, but it went in ok and they did the first blood draw. Then after about 30-40 mins they gave him a glucose shot that altered his blood sugar level. After that we waited 2 hours to do the next draw.

Well, when it came time for the second draw Owen was almost asleep. Good thing too because they had to mess with his IV a lot to get the blood they needed. Lots of pushing and pulling on it trying to get the blood to flow. After about 10-15 mins they had what the needed.

Then in 15 mins they had to do the third draw. That’s when everything went downhill. After lots of messing with the current IV they realized it was clogged, despite running saline to keep it open. So, it was determined they were going to have to stick him again. The first nurse said she was just going to do two separate pokes to get the last two draws. The other nurse wanted to try an IV again.

So, at this point Owen is wide awake. They go to his other arm to try to put in another IV. It took both me and Brett to hold him down. It she tried for what seemed like forever.. probably like a minute to hit the vein… no luck. So, the go to the other arm. Deciding to just do a stick and draw, no IV. After two different sticks they got the draw.

Owen threw a fit through the whole process of trying to find a vein. Once they got the blood he was ok and went back to tv and his toys. But, about 15 mins later it was time for the last draw. They tried sticking his wrist this time to get the last draw. It took two separate sticks and two different nurses to get the blood. Poor Owen is such a little trooper.

Once they were finally done that had lunch waiting for him, which he really appreciated. We should have the results back in about a week. Hopefully it was worth all of the trouble.

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