Birth Story

September 28, 2010

I was recently asked about Owen’s birth story. Since I already had it written up I figured I’d share it here.

We found out about Owen’s hydrocephalus when I was 20 weeks pregnant. So, we were somewhat mentally prepared for a lot of it.

Owen’s original date was January 9th. That’s the one they gave us when I went for my 20 week ultrasound. I instantly started crying. That was my dad’s birthday. My real dad died when I was 6. I think in the back of my mind it always helped me. Feeling like Owen was being looked after by my dad.

My pregnancy was fairly normal other than the fact we met about 12 different doctors before Owen was even born. They kept a very close eye on the size of Owen’s ventricles. I was getting level 2 ultrasounds ever other week. At first they were talking about doing my c-section (vaginal delivery wasn’t an option with a child with a 50 cm head lol) at 34 weeks due to the severity of Owen’s hydrocephalus. But they had to weigh if it was severe enough to put him through possible respiratory problems.

In the end they decided do an amnio at 36 weeks to see if his lungs are mature enough. They initially scheduled the c-section for December 21st. So, of course Brett and I go out and buy all this Baby’s First Christmas stuff. Well, the amnio results came back that he wasn’t ready. So, they put the c-section off for a week. So, Owen’s birthday is the 27th…. AFTER Christmas. lol

Since we knew Owen was going to have to have surgery shortly after he was born, everyone was here. My mom and dad were hereand Brett’s mom. We had everyone lined out on taking care of the dogs and what not. We knew we’d be in one hospital or another for at least a week.

The morning of the c-section we all caravaned out to St. John’s. By then my sister’s were in town also. Everyone came in to see me before hand. They gave me the epidural, no issues there. By 7am I was being wheeled out. At this point I was getting nervous. I was nervous I would be freaked out by the size of Owen’s head. 😦 I realize now how stupid that was.

I got wheeled into the OR and introduced to everyone. The only one I already knew was my OB. Because of the size of Owen’s head they had a hard time getting him out. They were telling me I was going to feel pressure. At one point the OB was leaning on my chest and I could feel the air pushed out of my lungs. Crazy! Finally the doctor says he’s getting ready to pull Owen out. Brett stands up to look over the curtain. I was watching Brett’s face and his eyes got the size of saucers. He stayed up until Owen was out.

After they cut the cord, I got to see Owen for the first time. All of my worries about his head size disappeared. All I saw was the beautiful little face. Right away Owen was taken to the NICU and Brett went with him. Luckily the anesthesiologist was awesome. She kept telling me what all was going on. After that family just kept rotating between seeing Owen and seeing me. Both of us always had someone.

I didn’t get to hold Owen until about midnight that night. I wasn’t supposed to leave my room but I talked the late night nurse into wheeling me down there. I stayed for about an hour. Early that next morning I got to see him one more time before the choppered him to Children’s. The day after he arrived he had his shunt placement surgery.

For two days Owen was at Children’s and I was at St. John’s. That was the hardest two days of my life. Thank goodness for technology. I got to see video and pictures. But I didn’t get to change his first diaper, give him his first bottle, etc. By the end of the two days I was starting to get jealous of my family who told me they were feeding Owen or whatever. I got over it though. After two days, I had to promise I’d take it easy, they released me from St. John’s so I could go be with Brett and Owen.
WOW…. That’s a long story. lol

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