September 1, 2010

Several weeks ago Owen’s speech therapist said I need to start making him say goodbye when I drop him off at school. Owen hasn’t really been too keen on this idea. Not because he doesn’t want me to leave, but because he wants to go see his friends.

Some days I can convince him to give me a High 5. Other days I can’t get anything. This morning I got 2… yes, TWO hugs. Owen doesn’t give the “typical” hug. His is more of a lean into you with his head on your shoulder. Maybe you’ll get an arm reaching around.

It was so sweet to get hugs this morning. Brought a tear to my eye. Then he didn’t want to let go of my hand. Usually he could care less if I was there or not. lol… He has no social issues at all. 🙂 It felt really good. Owen is so independent.

One comment

  1. That is just awesome!!! And that is exactly how Miles “hugs”. No arms involved, just a lean. But we know what it means when he does it (which is rare).

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