Making life easier

August 25, 2010

Lately I’ve been trying to work on coming up with ideas to make my life a little easier. Seems simple enough doesn’t it? Not really. If I were rich I would just hire a chef, a maid, an accountant, etc. Sadly, I’m not rich. lol…

I’ve tried a few things that worked, but have not kept up with. One idea was to have a calendar that just has 2 or 3 household things to do a day. Nothing overwhelming, just a few to keep me on track so I don’t have to spend full days here and there catching up. It was working as long as I was keeping up with it. I need to get back to that.

Another is this once a month cooking idea. I haven’t been following that exactly, but I have been doing dream dinners and trying to cook double and triple batches of things once a week or so. That way I have a stock pile of meals in the freezer so I don’t have to think about dinner too much. That has been helpful. Just need to keep it up.

I’ve also been trying to get in a mindset that I don’t have to bend to everyone else’s schedules. Owen has a lot of therapists and doctors. So, that means lots of appointments. In the past I would just make whatever worked for everyone else work for me. That added a lot more stress on my life. I’ve been trying to remind myself not to do that. And also not to volunteer for so much. I’m involved with so many wonderful charities and organizations that always need help with one thing or another. It’s ok to say no.

I guess I’m putting these things out there in case other people haven’t thought of them. Also, I’d love to hear any other suggestions to make my crazy life a little more organized. lol


  1. Good ideas! Especially about not being so accommodating to other people’s schedules. Real Simple magazine has an article on freezer meals this month. The recipes look pretty good!

    • Thanks Sherri. I’ll have to pick that one up.

  2. “One idea was to have a calendar that just has 2 or 3 household things to do a day.” I tried this … it didn’t work because I’d look at the things and think “I am too busy for that” or “that doesn’t really need to be done yet” or “insert excuse”. So, what I did was cut up some pieces of paper about 1 inch by 1/2 an inch. I wrote a household chore on each one, some chores I put wrote down multiple times (like empty or fill the dishwasher or do a load of laundry). I have things like pick up shoes, clean mirrors in all bathrooms, clean sink in master bath, clean out fridge, tidy up coat rack etc. Some tasks are two minute deals others will take a bit longer. All the pieces of paper are folded in half and then again so you can’t see what is on them. They are all in a ‘to do’ bowl sitting on the kitchen counter. The idea is that if one of us has a few minutes to spare we can take a task and do it. You can put the task back if you happen to pick one up that will take longer than you have, (better to do something than nothing), but in general you are supposed to do what is on there. When a task is done the piece of paper it is written on is put into the ‘done’ bowl. At the weekend we try to finish the ‘to do’ bowl and then on Monday everything is put back in the ‘to do’ bowl and we start over. Some of the tasks, like filling soap dispensers becomes a really quick job if you’re taking a minute every week to do it. Some weeks we do better than others with our tasks, but that’s okay too.

    • Love this idea. I’m totally going to try it.

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